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PowerPause is very simple to operate. Everything you need to do is done from this panel.

Stretch Examples

Here are two example stretches. There are many many more. Stretches pop up throughout the day, how often is configured in User Setup. Each day has a stretch plan so over the whole day you'll stretch all the parts that need stretching.

Each routine usually has a set of 3 stretches. To prevent boredom each stretch is randomly chosen from a group of stretches that fullfill the overall stretch plan.

Most stretches have 3 pictures showing you how to perform the exercise. You'll also find instructions for doing the stretch, an explanation of what the stretch is for, and possible precautions to take when doing the stretch.

Help System

Here you can see the breadth of the topics covered in PowerPause. What we aren't showing you is the incredible depth given to each topic. You'll learn about RSI, how to setup your workstation, stress management, and dozens of other related subjects. We feel our extensive help sets us apart from everyone else.




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