Meet Your Personal Trainers

We've assembled a group of highly dedicated highly motivated cartoon characters who love leading your daily stretch breaks. We hope when one of your personal trainers pops up a smile pops up on your face as well.

Of course your personal trainers are 90s kind of cartoon characters. Each has their own career and reasons for using PowerPause. In fact, it's because they've used PowerPause that they wanted to become personal PowerPause trainers!

Let's meet them...


Sue is a very talented graphic artist. She uses her computer all day everyday. Like a lot of artists using computers Sue has to use the drag and drop feature a lot. Drag and drop causes users to hold the mouse down for extended periods of time, with a lot of pressure, hundreds of times a day. Perfect conditions for getting RSI.

Sue gets so involved with her design and art she forgets to take break. PowerPause helps her remember to take a break and she especially likes all the hand stretches.


As a medical transcriptionist Donna is a true heads-down data entry person. A lot of Donna's friends in the business have RSI and she doesn't want to get it too. Donna gets paid by the character so Donna types fast for long periods of time without a break.

Donna wants to take a break but she is concerned about how long the breaks will take. When you consider every minute she doesn't type is lost income you can understand her concern! Yet Donna is concerned about her health too. A tough balance. Donna was happy when we told her over the whole day she would spend about the same time stretching as a coffee break. She gave PowerPause a try with our free full featured evaluation program. She loved PowerPause and has been an enthusiastic user and trainer ever since.


Jim is a sales manager at a fortune 500 company. He uses his computer for email, creating presentations, and for contact management. Jim's not really concerned about getting RSI, but he has a lot of people working for him, and he is concerned about them. Jim learned quite a bit about RSI from PowerPause's extensive help system .

With what he learned and PowerPause's low price Jim decided to buy PowerPause for all his employees. Jim realized buying PowerPause for his people was a smart move for several reasons. It shows he cares, which he does. His people could learn as much about RSI from PowerPause as he did. And they do work hard so taking a break is a good idea. Jim also found the workers' compensation numbers compelling. With 75% of all workers' comp cases related to RSI creating a prevention plan made good sense.


Frank is an editor at a major computer magazine. Obviously Frank uses his computer for long hours editing articles. So Frank liked PowerPause's stretch breaks. Computer use is unfortunately not Franks only problem. Frank is stressed. Really stressed.

Tight deadlines and writers who get their articles in at the last minute nearly gave Frank a heart attack every month. Frank looked forward to PowerPause's relaxation exercises. "Little vacations," he called them. But Frank was really sold when he read PowerPause's help section on stress management. He learned a lot about stress and what he could do about controlling it.


Isabelle owns and operates her own rock climbing school. She gives climbing lessons almost every day, manages a group of instructors, and does the whole business side by herself. Isabelle is one busy lady which is why she found PowerPause's help section on time management very useful.

Being a rock climber Isabelle has an almost religious respect for equipment. Faulty equipment could mean her life. So when Isabelle's back, shoulders, and neck started hurting she suspected her equipment. Isabelle went to PowerPause's help sections on office setup. She learned about how her chair should be adjusted, how lighting causes glare, monitor positioning, proper desk height, desk space organization, and a lot more. After making equipment adjustments she started feeling better.





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