Ordering and Downloading

What's the Process?

Download PowerPause for a free no pressure full featured test drive!

Download PowerPause. Use it. See if you like it. If you like it please order it. If not delete it off your disk. We think this is how all software should be purchased.

Download Options

Activate PowerPause with the Activation Key

By default PowerPause will stop popping up after 30 days of use. You need to enter the activation key to unlock it and remove the time limit. The activations steps are:
  1. Start PowerPause
  2. Select Activate from the Main screen
  3. Enter the following information exactly as shown at the Name and Code prompts, including any spaces, hyphens, and any other puctuation.
    1. Name: PowerPause
    2. Code: 295615035937389

If the keys do not match:

Order PowerPause

PowerPause is a very affordable $10.00 per copy. You only have to pay if you appreciate what PowerPause can do for you.

Please send a check to:

Possibility Outpost, Inc.
15764 Adams Ridge
Los Gatos CA 95033

Any Questions?

Please send any questions to [email protected].




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