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Tall Pines Conservancy
The Tall Pines Conservancy operates in beautiful northwestern Waukesha County, Wisconsin. 
To date the nature conservancy has preserved over 160 acres through purchase and donated easements.
In the coming months we will be identifying parcels in the NW portion of the county which 
are critical to the rural character of the area in which we all live
Dodge County Land Trust of Wisconsin
The Dodge County Land Trust 
permanently protects the lands and 
waters that define our communities 
and enrich our quality of life.
Wills and Trusts Lawyer
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The Land Trust Network of Jefferson County
The Land Trust NETWORK of Jefferson County
focuses on the protection of natural areas and agricultural lands in Wisconsin. Landowners 
voluntarily sell or donate land and/or conservation easements to the land trust and 
always receive compensation in some form.
The Rideau Waterway Land Trust
If you love and enjoy the beautiful Rideau waterway, and would like to see it protected for future generations, join us today!
Contact [email protected] or [email protected].
Nature Noted - Watching the world of Land Trusts
Blog on the topic of land trusts.
Valley Land Fund
P.O. Box 522, Hadley, Massachusetts
Contact:  David Ziomek, President   (413) 863-3221

Since 1986, Valley Land Fund (VLF) has worked to protect the special 
places of the Connecticut River Valley and hilltowns, saving over 
8,000 acres alone and in partnership with other conservation agencies 
and organizations.  The land trust has worked in 42 of the 69 towns of 
Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin Counties in Massachusetts.
     Although the Fund does hold several properties, it is unusual in 
its mission.  As distinct from the several local and area land trusts 
in the Valley, the essence of VLF's charter is to act as a regional 
resource, as it assists local trusts, ad hoc groups, local and state 
governments, and private landowners in land protection, as well as 
carrying out its own land conservation projects.
Kona Land Trust
Located on the Big Island of Hawaii, the Kona Land Trust 
is working towards the preservation and stewardship of 
open spaces, including lands with environmental, agricultural, 
cultural, or historic importance for present and future generations.
Prescott Creeks Preservation Association
Prescott Creeks Preservation Association is a non-profit 
organization striving to protect the ecological integrity 
of Central Arizona's riparian systems and their associated 
wetlands through preservation, conservation, and education.
Opacum Land Trust
A regional land trust working in South Central Massachusetts in 
the towns of Sturbridge, Southbridge, Charlton, Brimfield, the 
Brookfields, Holland, Wales, Monson, Palmer & Warren.  An all 
volunteer, non-profit group seeking to proactively protect the 
natural and cultural resources in our communities.
Nova Scotia Nature Trust
Nova Scotia has a rich and diverse natural heritage. From the blazing
colour of an autumn hardwood forest to the stark beauty of a granite
barren; the high energy of waves crashing on the shore to the
tranquility of a riverside marsh; the beaches of the Northumberland
Strait to the cliffs scoured by the Fundy tides. Nova Scotians are
stewards of many natural treasures. But these landscapes and the many
species that inhabit them need protection if they are to persist. With
less than 30% of the province's land publicly owned, private landowners
have an important role to play in protecting these places. 
The Urban Forest Initiative

Environmentally speaking, we are looking to inform and to 
gain endorsement to protect and - with the community at large -  
preserve, and renew the woodlands and wildlife habitat in Woodberry, 
a neighborhood in Northwest Baltimore.

Pascommuck Conservation Trust, Inc.
The Pascommuck Conservation Trust is a local, non-profit organization, 
which protects important land and other natural resources in 
Easthampton, MA for the public benefit.
LAND CONSERVATION: The Trust is given or buys land or easements (legal
rights which protect natural resources on a property) with scenic, natural,
agricultural, or recreational value.
LAND STEWARDSHIP: The Trust works with its neighbors to protect and improve
the Trust's 18 current land holdings which total over 188 acres.
ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: The Trust sponsors an annual environmental
scholarship at Easthampton High School.
COMMUNITY PARKS & TRAILS: The Trust creates and maintains neighborhood parks
and passive recreational areas such as the John Bator Park, Old Pascommuck
Conservation Area and the newly created Brickyard Brook Conservation Area on
East Street in Easthampton.
The Land Trust of Huntsville
The Land Trust of Huntsville & North Alabama offers a balance 
between growth and preservation. We are dedicated to enhancing 
the quality of life for present and future generations. This 
quality of life will ensure our region's prospects for continued 
economic prosperity.
Help save the AT on Saddleback!
The Appalachian Trail community needs your help to save
Saddleback ridge in Maine from development that will degrade
the hiking experience in this "wilderness" region.

The National Park Service is considering four alternatives that
will determine the future of the AT on Saddleback Ridge in Maine,
and has asked for comments from the public.

We have created an easy way that you can share you comments
about saving Saddleback with the Park Service and other decision
makers by e-mail. See the "Save Saddleback" link on the opening
page of

It is critical that everyone who loves and enjoys hiking on
the Appalachian Trail make their voice heard, and critical that
they do it now. The public comment period closes August 31, 1999,
so an immediate response is of the essence.

American Wildlands
American Wildlands is a science-based non-profit conservation
organization with a 22-year history of wilderness legislation and
natural resource advocacy in the American West.  American
Wildland's mission is to promote, protect and restore biodiversity
and advocate for sustainable management of the West's
wildlands, watersheds, and wildlife, with special attention to the
Northern Rocky Mountain region.
Hollow Oak Land Trust
The Hollow Oak Land Trust is a nonprofit 
organization that focuses on conservation of
land and natural resources in western Allegheny
County, Pennsylvania. The Hollow Oak Land Trust
acquires land for conservation and works to
educate the public about the benefits of land 
Oregon Sustainable Agriculture Land Trust (OSALT)
We currently hold title to 2 pieces of land: a double city
lot in Portland, Oregon (Ariadne Garden) and a 20-acre farm about halfway
between Portland and Salem (Natural Harvest Farm).

Ariadne Garden is being used as a neigborhood-based garden and research/demonstration center. We conduct educational activiteis, notably with low-income city kids, teaching basics of food production and soils. The garden also is experimenting with a small CSA operaation where half the harvest shares are sold and the remainder are given to households in the community. We are also testing John Jeavons' recent work concerning analyzing soil nutrients and health by planting indicator drops (in order to vsalidate his work for the North Willamette Valley).

Natural Harvest Farm is finishing 8 years of work developing a CSA operation and is preparing to publish a "how to book" and computer database for aspiring CSA operators. NHF is also the site of OSALT's Research and Education center, with 4 demonstration gardens on city-sized lots wher urban dwellers can see what sustainable food production can be like in the city. We have plans for developing 3 multi-acre fields to demonstrate varieous sustainable approaches for commercial growers.

Full descriptions of our vision, mission and goals are available at our web site.

The Rock Creek Trust
The Rock Creek Trust works to enhance Rock Creek's famous
"blue ribbon" trout waters, the health of its nationally acclaimed wildlife
habitat, its unusual biodiversity, and the open space beauty of the
drainage.  Specifically, the Trust seeks to protect open space through the
use of conservation easements and other land protection tools, and to help
protect water quality and wildlife habitat through cooperative projects
with landowners, agencies, or other organizations.  The Trust seeks to
accomplish these goals before growing pressures cause irreversible damage
in this treasured drainage.
Martinez Regional Land Trust
The Martinez Regional Land Trust was formed by active community members in
the Briones Hills Agricultural Preserve Area. Many of members and workers
live in Martinez or the Alhambra Valley. The organization has one paid
staff, the very dedicated Ms.Tina Batt, our Executive Director. Everyone
else is a volunteer. The organization is funded by grants, donations,
members dues, and hard volunteer labor.

What The Martinez Regional Land Trust is a Non-Profit California Corporation formed under the IRS Regulations 501(3)(c). The land trust can use a number of arrangements to save open space, two of the most popular are Conservation Easements and Acquisition.

Where The Martinez Regional Land Trust is head quartered in Martinez, California, the county seat of Contra Costa County. The land trust is interested in saving open space everywhere. However, our primary area of interest is the Briones Hills Agricultural Preserve. The approximate bounds of this Briones region are the Carquinez Strait on the north, State Highway 24 on the south, and I-80 and I-680 on the west and east.

The Land Trust for Tennessee
The Land Trust for Tennessee is a land trust headquartered
in Nashville, Tennessee whose mission is "to preserve the unique character
of Tennessee's natural and historic landscapes and sites." 
Preserving Family Lands
Steve Small, is considered to be the nation's leading
authority to saving land and taxes with conservation easements.  He wrote
the actual Federal Tax Law for conservation easements when he worked in the
Chief Counsel's Office of the Internal Revenue Service some 20 years ago.
He has his own law practice in Boston where he represents landowners across
the country to help them save their family land by using conservation
easements and other tax tools.  He is the author of two widely knowm and
respected books, Preserving Family Lands: Book I and Preserving Family
Lands: Book II.  As an independent publisher, he had sold over 100,000
copies of the books to individual landowners, their advisors, and land
trusts.  Mr. Small speaks to groups of landowners, land trusts, attorneys,
and others interested to learn how to save land.  He speaks all over the
country to educate landowners about conservation easements.  The 2,000 land
trusts from all over the country buy the
two Preserving Family Lands books in bulk and use them to help educate
landowners about conservation easements.
Darby Creek Land Conservancy
Purpose: To preserve for future generations the truly unique natural attributes found in the Darby Creek
watershed by promoting the preservation and protection of the integrity of the Darby Creek
system, and to encourage community participation in these preservation efforts. 

1. To preserve and protect traditional cultural heritage, open space and sensitive natural areas
within the Darby watershed by securing fee-simple acquisition, conservation easements, or
other interests in real property.

2. To establish cooperative relationships with other private organizations and governmental
agencies sharing common goals. 

3. To promote and support education about and scientific activities within the Darby Creek
GreenKeepers introduces a new site featuring KuKura, guardian
of the rain forest, who protects and preserves the rain forests.  This site is
geared towards educating children and adults about the dangers threatening the
survival of the rain forests.  In addition to GreenKeepers own forest preservation
program, $1 is donated to each KuKura buyer's favorite
Environmental Organization to expand educational efforts.
The Big Sur Land Trust
The mission of The Big Sur Land Trust is to protect
for public benefit, lands in Monterey County that
are significant as natural habitat, open space, 
agricultural, watershed and recreational property.

Since its inception in 1978, The Big Sur Land Trust has completed 85 transactions and preserved over 15,000 acres throughout Monterey County.

Through a variety of creative yet practical steps, the LandTrust works in partnership with private landowners, assisting them in finding appropriate solutions for their particular land-use problems. Often substantial tax benefits can be provided while the land is retained in its natural state.

By obtaining conservation easements, arranging donations of fee title property and facilitating outright purchses by "conservation buyers", the Land Trust has proven its effectiveness by completing 85 transactions which have succeeded in providing protection for more than 15,000 acres throughout Monterey County.

Conservation Partners, Inc
Conservation Partners is a real estate brokerage and consulting
firm committed to managing transactions that preserve land for the public benefit.
Over the past 15 years, Conservation Partners has closed over 100 conservation
transactions that have resulted in the preservation of tens of
thousands of acres. We provide brokerage services, land & easement management and
conservation planning for organizations, individuals and the Bureau of Land
Long Green Valley Conservancy
The LGVC is a non-profit land trust working to preserve
open space, farmland, and historic sites in Long Green Valley, Maryland.
The volunteers directing the Conservancy work to provide neighboring
landowners with alternatives to the sale or development of land
Gathering Waters, Inc.
Provide technical assistance to land trusts and landowners,
education and outreach, land protection services.  Website with index 
of all Wisconsin land trusts. Contact 
Vicki Elkin.
Keep Sedona Beautiful
Keep Sedona Beautiful is 26 years old, predating the city of Sedona. In the 
past we primarily gave awards for breautification projects in the area, host 
a group of 200 "leytter lifters" who pickup trash along the highways all 
around Sedona. We also have a water conservation project, and we host a 
Native Plant WOrksthop evey other year to teach locals how to landscape with 
native non-water using plants.@ years ago I started a group at KSB for 
the preservation of the unique sensitive lands around Sedona, primarily 
land privately owned but within the Coconino National FOres.
To date we ahve acquired 15.4 acres of riparian land in Oak Creek Canyhona 
and doanted it to the U S FOrest Service for stewardship. We are currently 
in the process of acquiring 110 acres in a valley surrounded by WIlderness, 
and have options on 2 more properities. We feel good about our success to 
date andlook forward to more success. Sedona is a beautiful location and 
wee are dong our best to Keep Sedona Beautiful. Currently we have no 
website but, as chairman, I head up what we call our Land Preservation 
task Force.
Bill Eich @ [email protected]
The Greater Worcester Land Trust
The Greater Worcester Land Trust was formed in 1987 to respond to the rapid 
rate of development in Central Massachusetts. Since that time the Greater 
Worcester Land Trust has preserved overfour hundred acres of land in and 
around Worcester, Massachusetts. The challenge of preserving lands in and 
around the second largest city in New England poses unique difficulties and 
opportunities. The Greater Worcester Land Trust has partnered with the 
Worcester Office of Planning and Community Development for the preservation 
of land on several occassions, and the Greater Worcester Land Trust has a 
property under the Massachusetts Forest Stewardship Program. Properties 
include recreational trails.
Green Peace
Updated Green Peace site.
[email protected]
Combining County, township and agencie support and 
create a funded Foundation for a nature conservancy to promote 
awareness and stewradship of our natural resources and heritage.  
Much like Honey Hollow in Bucks County PA., Please  Read Priliminary 
Press in Phil Inquirer Sunday Nov 1 1998 Neighbors/ Montgomery 
County Cover Story

Jericho Land Trust
Jericho Land Trust was established in 1989 in Jericho, Vermont.  We 
are a private,  nonprofit organization that was formed for the purpose 
of protecting and enhancing the rural and historic aspects of our 
region's character.  We work closely with town committees and commissions, 
school boards and citizen groups in order to facilitate the conservation 
of significant lands.  Jericho Land Trust is most interested in networking 
with other similar organizations.
Bright Angel Frontier
Our site explores a new approach to the management of public lands in Utah 
and the Southwest, which would re-create a meaningful western frontier for 
the country.  While we are not a land trust ourself, such trusts could play 
an important role here by bringing private lands in the area into harmony 
with the overall plan.
Our proposal is for an area to be called the Bright Angel Frontier. 
In short, we would aggregate the existing inventory of federal lands in 
certain areas into larger tracts, two hundred miles across, and then would 
subdivide each of those tracts into five graduated, concentric development 
rings.  Controlled development would be encouraged through privatization and 
other means in the outermost ring, and development would then progressively 
"thin out" from ring to ring until a wilderness area is reached at the center.
This relatively simple managerial change would have several attractive 
features:  (1) it would substantially resolve the conflict between 
development and preservation by designating, on a principled basis, 
places for each type of activity; (2) it would permit interesting innovations 
in some of the intermediate inner rings, such as pre-industrial areas where 
scattered new towns and agricultural valleys might be created but where 
electricity and internal combustion engines would be barred; (3) it would 
permit substantial wilderness areas at the center of the tract and along 
important corridors such as the Colorado River; and (4) it would establish, 
as a single unit, an area of land large enough to re-create a true western 
frontier, and one that will have a real frontier quality of civilization 
gradually thinning out to nothing.
The Bright Angel proposal can do these things while still leaving room 
for a certain amount of acceptable and even beneficial economic development.  
For this reason, in particular, we suggest that this proposal is worth 
careful consideration by the practical-minded.  It is a way of seeking 
most of the traditional goals of the conservationist movement, while 
doing so in a form that is considerably more likely to be acceptable to 
the western congressional delegations than a wilderness-only bill would be, 
and therefore more likely to pass Congress. 
Trumbull Land Trust
The Trumbull Land Trust, located in Southwestern 
Connecticut, was founded with three missions:(1) to preserve, 
protect, and acquire environmentally significant lands in Trumbull, 
(2) to open those lands and open spaces to the public, and (3) to 
encourage and participate in the environmental education of all 
(goes beyond Trumbull).  We won close to 13 acres of wetlands and 
uplands in town, and lease a few acres from the State Department 
of Transportation that will be aprt of a Greenway.
Our educational mission is carried out through a number of 
avenues: newsletter, website, seminars, hands-on hikes.  
Our seminars and hikes are open to all, and we try to bring our 
message to young and old alike, in our neighboring towns.  
With that in mind, we run classes for youth at the YMCA, we are 
involved in environmental education for a group of youth involved 
in Youthbuild (a carpentry course/life changing course for 
economically disadvantaged youth 18-24), we have been involved 
with Habitat for Humanity families and their gardens/landscapes, 
we are creating a Trumbull GREENMAP, and we have a backyard habitat 
The organization is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization.
The Foundation Center
The Center's mission is to foster
public understanding of the foundation field by collecting, organizing,
analyzing, and disseminating information on foundations, corporate
giving, and related subjects. The audiences that call on the Center's
resources include grantseekers, grantmakers, researchers,
policymakers, the media, and the general public. 
Free Nonprofit Grassroots "MBA"
Self-Directed, Community-Based Management Development Program.
Learners can complete this entire 12-course, basic program on their own for free anywhere in the country! The program is
useful to nonprofit leaders, managers, staff, board members and service providers. To get started in the program, just follow the
directions in the program's Study Guide. However, you should scan the rest of this program description to get a better
understanding of what this program is all about. Please don't be intimidated by the several sections in this document. The
document is written to be straightforward and well-organized. 
Maine Land Trust Network
The Maine Land Trust Network,, lists and locates the land trusts in 
Maine. This site includes a discussion forum and allows convenient communication
between trusts, provides links to related sites, news, announcements, and other
useful information for land conservation.
School of Living
The School of Living is an educational organization dedicated to learning and
teaching the philosophy, practices and principles of living that are
self-empowering for individuals within the general aim of establishing
decentralized, ecologically-sound, self-governed and humane communities. All 
its resources, but most specifically the land it holds in trust, are held in 
responsible stewardship for present and future generations. 
Larimer Land Trust
The Larimer Land Trust facilitates the preservation of
environmentally sensitive areas, critical wildlife
habitat, and other lands which are important for the
enrichment of present and future generations. The
conservation of these lands is necessary for the
economic, social, and environmental health and well
being of our communities.
The American Community Gardening Association
ACGA and its member organizations work to promote and support all aspects of
community food and ornamental gardening, urban forestry, preservation and
management of open space, and integrated planning and management of 
developing urban and rural lands. 
The American Community Gardening Association
ACGA and its member organizations work to promote and support all aspects of
community food and ornamental gardening, urban forestry, preservation and
management of open space, and integrated planning and management of 
developing urban and rural lands. 
Finger Lakes Land Trust
The Finger Lakes Land Trust is a
non-profit community-based organization
dedicated to protecting the natural
integrity of the Finger Lakes region. By
protecting key habitats and the region's
forests, farms and open spaces, the Land
Trust provides many benefits for the
public´┐Żclean air and water, plant and
animal diversity, scenic views and
opportunities to learn about and enjoy the
natural world.
AgriSurf AgriSurf! - the worlds largest searchable agricultural web index. The AgriSurfer - the worlds first HTML compliant email newsletter for agriculture.

AgriSurf! has links to everything agricultural on the internet - from wheat cropping to fish farming, from forestry to tillage equipment. If you are looking for agricultural info on the WWW - this is a great place to start.

Riverside Land Conservancy Riverside County experienced unprecedented growth and development in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The resulting population increase and corresponding land-use activities have crowded into the County's remaining open spaces and threaten to eliminate the native landscapes that first attracted newcomers to the region. The Riverside Land Conservancy was founded in 1988 in response to the critical need for a local community organization dedicated to the conservation of open space and natural areas. The Conservancy is a non-profit land trust that can accept donations of land and conservation easements or purchase land outright.
MALT - Marin Agricultural Trust Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT) is a nonprofit conservation organization that preserves farmland in Marin County, California, through conservation easements, public education (including hikes and tours of farms, ranches and gardens) and advocacy. Created in 1980 by a coalition of ranchers, environmentalists, and community activists, MALT was the first land trust in the United States to focus on agricultural land preservation. MALT has become a model for agricultural land preservation efforts across the nation.
PRESERVING FAMILY LANDS Preserving Family Lands is a book by Stephen Small. YOU NEED THIS BOOK:
  • If you think you will be leaving land to your children;
  • If you think you will be inheriting land from your parents;
  • If you have land you care about and don't want to lose it;
  • If you want to avoid crippling estate taxes;
  • Because it's the only book of its kind available to landowners and their advisors.

Stephen J. Small is a tax attorney at his own firm, the Law Office of Stephen J. Small, Esq., in Boston. He is the author of The Federal Tax Law of Conservation Easements (Land Trust Alliance, 1985). Preserving Family Lands has sold more than 70,000 copies.

Chattowah Open Land Trust Chattowah Open Land Trust is a non-profit organization based in Alpharetta, Georgia. We help North Georgia landowners preserve and protect their property through a variety of methods, some offering estate, income and property tax benefits. It operates under the standards and guidelines provided by the National Land Trust Alliance.
Natural Resources Law Home Page Natural Resources Law is a specialized consulting company and law firm dealing with forest resources plus aboriginal and treaty rights issues. Ben van Drimmelen, the principal, is a registered professional forester, a professional biologist and lawyer with an active practice in British Columbia, Canada.

Natural Resources Law offers a variety of legal and consulting services on natural resources law. In particular, the practice centers on such law concerning management of fish, wildlife, forests and water resources and the regulation of users of such resources, including aboriginal users.

The company also provides habitat conservation expertise, advising local land trust organizations and national conservation organizations on options to protect natural features and amenities on private land. Basic information is provided free upon request. Covenant agreements are negotiated, prepared and filed for clients.

Foothills Land Conservancy An independent, non-profit land trust, the Foothills Conservancy's mission is the preservation of the unique ecological, agricultural, and scenic resources of the Foothills of the Southern Appalachian Mountains in Tennessee. For a cool topo view visit .
Sky and Land Like so many sensors spreading out to feel the condition of the human predicament....everywhere. You are invited to send your ideas / images on the concepts of Sky and Land. Special emphasis is given here to the continued understandings of time and place in a complex framework of world situations.
Trust for Public Land TPL is who you want to contact if you need help.

The Trust for Public Land (TPL) is a national, nonprofit land conservation organization that conserves land for people to enjoy as parks, gardens, natural areas and open space. As a problem-solving organization, TPL works in partnership with government, business, and community groups to:

  • acquire and preserve open space to serve human needs;
  • share knowledge of nonprofit land acquisition;
  • and pioneer methods of land conservation and environmentally sound land use.
TPL practices a land ethic by improving public access to public lands, fostering community-owned or maintained parks and gardens, and establishing local community land trusts.
Aiken County Open Land Trust This web site was created for and by the Aiken County (South Carolina) Open Land Trust to promote its activities, which are to encourage dedication of easements on land, and to procure park and other open land. Such land may later be transferred to appropriate goverment (Aiken city or county) agencies.
The Back Forty :

The newsletter of land conservation law

The Back Forty"is dedicated to serving the land conservation community's need for accessible legal information. The Back Forty covers developments in real estate, land use, taxation, and exempt organization law that affect conservation and preservation efforts.

The Back Forty is published by The Hyperion Society, a conservation law center operated in connection with the University of California, Hastings College of the Law. The Back Forty is published bimonthly. A one-year subscription is $110 and a two-year subscription is $195. To subscribe or to receive more information, please call, fax, or write.

The Back Forty
Hastings College of the Law
200 McAllister Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 565-4857
(415) 565-4818 (fax)

American Farmland Trust American Farmland Trust's mission is to stop the loss of productive farmland and promote farming practices that lead to a healthy environment. It's a great resource with tons of information.
The Farmland Information Library Specializes in resources for protecting farmland.
Leaving a Living Legacy: Using Conservation Covenants in British Columbia A very detailed and practical page on land trusts. A must see.
Southwest Michigan Land Conservency Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy protects the natural diversity and beauty of southwest Michigan by preserving significant land and scenic areas and fostering appreciation for, and understanding of, the environment.
The WWF Global Network - the world's largest independent conservation organization A beautifully well done page in a magazine type format with many interesting articles.
Interactive Guide to Protecting Land Guides you through the legal tools available to you.
Eco-Compass Monthly News Letter
Radio Safari
Wicken Fen A site celebrating Wicken Fen, Britain's oldest Nature Reserve.
Bodega Land Trust
The Adopt a Hawk Program Lets you help keep these species alive.
Save the Redwoods League
Land for Nature an initiative by the Federation of British Columbia Naturalists
Galaxy Environmental Activism Link
Treaty with the New York Indians
The Canadian World Parrot Trust
Mendocino County Environmental Groups
Yahoo! Environment and Nature List
Legal Tools for the Voluntary Protection of Private Land in British Columbia
The Trust for Public Land
Jefferson Land Trust A good home page model for other land trusts.
Speak Out- Contact Government Officials Talk to the congress and make them listen!
McDowell Sonoran Land Trust
International Bulldozer Blockade
BARABOO RANGE PRESERVATION BRPA is dedicated to preservation of contiguous wooded areas in Sauk County, Wisconsin. The BARABOO RANGE has been listed as "One of the Last Great Places" by The Nature Conservancy.
Narrow Ridge Literacy Center
More than 100 acres have been set aside as a
wilderness area for community members to use for
recreational activities such as hiking. Other
areas have been designated as homesites. These
sites vary in size and are protected by a set of
restrictions known as a conservation easement.
This protects the land from any industrial or
mining activities, commercial farming, logging,
etc. It means that our homes are safe from
polluting chemicals in our neighbor's yards. It
means we are protected from industrial noise. As a
group, we make decisions about the use of the
common areas. Because this is a community land
trust under this conservation easement, the land
is preserved for all time. For this parcel of 500
acres (and we hope to grow in size) the wildlife
habitat will be honored. In legal terms, we hold perpetual
leases for our homesites. The deed is held by
Narrow Ridge Center and will always be kept under
the conservation eastment. 

There are three land trusts associated with Narrow Ridge Center. In two of them, all of the homesites have been leased by individuals or families. In the third, called Black Fox Community Land Trust, we have a small number of sites remaining open. They range in size from 2-4 acres, with an approximate cost of $14,500 per site. Lease holders have access to 500 acres of beauty. These leases can be sold or passed on to your children just as if you held a deed.

We are located near the junction of Union, Grainger and Claiborne counties, overlooking Norris Lake, one of the cleanest in the state.

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