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Letter from the President

Since 1918 the Save the Redwoods League has been preserving the Redwood forests of California. We do this in the simplest way possible: we buy Redwood forest land. Then we turn the land over to one of the thirty-seven California Redwood State Parks, to Redwood or Sequoia National Park, or to another public park or reserve, where the Redwoods provide education and enjoyment today and are protected for tomorrow.

Seventy-six years ago when the League was founded, its goal was to rescue the most spectacular examples of old-growth Coast Redwood and Giant Sequoia forests from logging. This program has been sucessful, as more than eighty thousand acres of ancient Redwoods have been acquired for public parks. However the Leaue's program is not finished. Permanent protection for these magnificent forests requires more work.

The Redwoods depend for their survival on the health of the watersheads around them. We need your help to buy Redwood forest and watershed to complete each of the parts and to protect them from freeway construction, logging, erosion, and encroaching development. Your support will ensure that the natural values which inspired the creation of the Redwood parks are prtected for the future, and at the same time will protect the beauty of the Redwood parks for all of us to enjoy today.

Your controbution will help the League to purchase Redwood lands and protect our public Redwood parks. We will be especially grateful if you can join the league as a Contributing member or make an equivalent donation ($25 or more). If you choose to make a memorial or an honor gift, your donation will be allocated to the Redwood Land Purchase Fund and we will send an announcement card to the person you designate.

Please help us save the Redwoods and complete the Redwood parks.


Bruce S. Howard


Contribution Plans


Trees, Shrubs, & Flowers of the Redwood Region by Dr. W.I. Jepson - $3.00

Redwoods of the Past by Dr. Ralph W. Chaney - $1.00

A Living Link in History by Dr. John C. Merriam - $.50

Story Told by a Fallen Redwood by Professor Emanuel Fritz - $1.00

Guide to the Redwood Parks by John B. Dewitt - $3.00

Redwood Postcards (set of four) - $1.00

Smith River Portfolio (5 photos) by Don Briggs & Larry Ulrich - $3.00

Redwood Poster (2'x3') by Howard King - $12.00

Land Trust


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