SciFaiku Poetry

SciFaiku is like haiku, but the subject is science fiction 
rather than traditional haiku which emphasises nature. It's 
a wonderful idea and an interesting change of pace. For more 
information take a

Our invitation light shines
Find your way
Bring something to share, all our meals are potluck - Cave Skylights Spotted on Mars
By Harvest moon light
Multi-armed robot farmers pluck
Nanoprobes infested with corn genes
dying landers tweet goodbye
ancient orbital AI friends
remove table entry
through fire's fog
a red moon rises
all look up and tremble
long behind the quicksilver storm...

tap topple tink
after-rain teardrops flash
leaf to leaf to floor
falling star
longing wrathful scar
pieces of me
on blackhole's edge
         drifts me in
my last cable 
dreams fade
we passed in hyperspace
       no time
      to notice
more than a planet
does teraforming
in the mirror a trooper fires
         good shot!
i crumple oddly to the floor
peeling an orange in zero-g
       reminds me of
          a galaxy
skipping on the moon
giant Paul Bunyan steps
recess ends too soon!
guided by unhuman hands
comets strike
first cell divides
hand in tentacle
side by side
still breathing hard
she screamed inside
through a circle
he transported away
her world black & white
my world rainbows
kitchen remains undone
speeding slowly
adam & eve suspended
new world awaits
purple moonlight; lush black grass
docile locals
vacation planet secured
team venus takes gold
edging team libertopia by 2 parsecs
400th olympiad's trans milkyway yacht sprint
united planets reception
live talkalaka
puked realtime
buddha nature
aliens worship
twinkle little star
22 digits play
sounds unearthly
double high moon
god wanted
galactic core area
no experience necessary
removed 2 planets
for the view
it's ok, we'll plant more
star stepping 
   war explore wander
lone human
200 sleep years distant
writing to the dead
light races
until hit
philosphers stone found
gold created
spirit untransformed
dreaming earth's end
fire ice wind rain
billions served
stilleto driven deep
clones brawl
new king crowned
wind weaves leaves
pushes rain
jays scream warning
rebel sentenced
gas released
our daughter avoids my eyes
as above so below
   starry nights
city lights
my name is galactic core
my children run away
never to return
young spring morning
  sun arises bronze over new grass
puppy runs floppy drinking dew
plague ship hijacked by slavers
in chains i write scifaiku
posting to the past 
silence bounces
particle to particle
never falling
the reign of homo politico has begun

what was past became   spin
what was future became   hype
what was team became        pack
what was talk became              tactics
what was private became           spectacle
what was green became                 burned black
what was god became                       winning
what was individual became               sold

the reign of homo politico has begun
i'm rubber
you're glue
ain't evolution weird?
spaceship invented
on course for proxima centauri
she does not hope of arriving
we seek the grail
god...give us a sign!
helm, lay in course
tyro, you think you've known
the pleasures of pearl
the hardness of bone
the coldness of stone

adept, your next crossing
in labyrinth deep
turns the wheel
planting my summer garden:
climbing roses in my legs
in my head...daisies

capsule on reentry
flickering match
 shoshone pictographs on mars
 he lives
 technology's grace
 god unnecessary
center people
universe revolves around
morally, physically, racially
center people
avoid mirrors
seeing other's sins 
space dock empty
together forever
you promissed
80% chance death
15% chance life
just numbers
don't know why
atom by atom
everything is made to be broken
my flowers deepened this season 
    crimson and platinum
                come with age
mind vibration
collapsing wavessssss
future farms

fierce equipment
newest indentured model
torn flesh
yellow sky at night
where the hell am i?
we walked the yellow brick road
entering emerald city
he invited us to tea
new moon
   clouds part
      shooting stars in rain puddles
god's swords
earth's shield
Announce: Year 2137 Nobel Prize Winner for Poetry

war IS war
IS NOT war: love business sport politics
like blood IS NOT wine

This years Nobel Prize winner captures the zeitgeist of our  
times. In a year observing the waning of destructive decades
of war and the final proof our human intelligence is ultimately
metaphorical, this poem reminds us that how we think
and how we act, are one.
Samsara = Nirvana

! !
Theory of Everything

underneath it all
    abstraction without form
       a mirror for mind
The Body Galactic

electricity discovered
    first radio broadcast
        galactic immune system attacks new infection


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