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Take a break! . It's a fact: You can't sit on your butt all day using your computer and expect to be healthy. Over 75% of all workers compensation claims relate to RSI. You need to take a break and stretch. Get your blood flowing and parts moving. PowerPause automatically prompts you to take a break and leads you through an exciting variery of stretches. Automatic. Easy. And at a mere $10.00 it's inexpensive. Because you need a stretch break you need PowerPause. It's all very logical. Download now.

Example Stretch

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Neck, shoulders or back feel tight and tense?
Headaches? Are you "stressed out" during the day?
Sharp pains or numbness in wrists, hands, arms, or shoulders?
Eyes hurt, strained or is your eye sight worsening?
Can't work to your full potential because of pain?
Do you wonder what the heck RSI is anyway?

Then you need PowerPause...

Meet your personal trainers...

Imagine how good it feels to just take a break and stretch...

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How Does PowerPause Work?

What is RSI?

First let's define RSI so we can see how PowerPause fits in the picture. RSI stands for Repetitive Strain Injury. Repetitive Strain Injuries occur from repeated physical movements doing damage to tendons, nerves, muscles, and other soft body tissues. Occupations ranging from meatpackers to musicians have characteristic RSIs that can result from the typical tasks they perform. The rise of computer use and flat, light-touch keyboards that permit high speed typing have resulted in an epidemic of injuries of the hands, arms, and shoulders.

Four factors are associated with the development of RSI:

  • Force
  • Posture
  • Repetition
  • Insufficient Rest
The human body has great recuperative powers given the opportunity to repair itself.
However, when a lack of sufficient rest and high repititions are combined with excessive force and awkward postures, the worker is at risk of developing a RSI.

Common Sense: Answers What Breaks to Take When

The common sense notion behind PowerPause is that problems happen when you do a lot of computer work over a long period of time without taking a break. We must take breaks when using computers! Once you've decided taking a break is a good idea then you have to ask: When should I take a break? What should I do during the break? PowerPause was created to answer both questions.

Take Less Time than a Coffee Break Over the Whole Day

PowerPause uses the idea of micropauses. Rather than taking one long break PowerPause asks you to take more short breaks with stretching during the break. Stretches get your blood pumping and allow time for a refreshing pause. Some people are concerned they will lose too much work time. Don't worry. Over the whole day your stretch breaks will take less time than a coffee break.

Stretches Pop Up

PowerPause pops up from time-to-time during the day and leads you through a short set of stretches . We call this feature your personal trainer. Like with a personal trainer you don't have to remember when to take a break or what to do during the break, your personal trainer will prompt you with stretches to do, disappearing when you are done.

Each day has a stretch plan so over the whole day you'll stretch all the parts that need stretching. Each routine usually has a set of 3 stretches. To prevent boredom each stretch is randomly chosen from a group of stretches that fullfill the overall stretch plan. Most stretches have 3 pictures showing you how to perform the exercise. You'll also find instructions for doing the stretch, an explanation of what the stretch is for, and possible precautions to take when doing the stretch.

Your Personal Trainers Show you What to Do

Simple, clear pictures show you what stretches to do. You only do a few at a time so it doesn't take a long time. When you are done you can go right back to work, if you want.

Stretches Target All Parts of Your Body

The stretches cover all the parts of your body that may hurt with prolonged computer use. There are stretches for your hands, fingers, neck, shoulders, arms, as well as eye relaxation exercises.

You Want to Know More about RSI?

Good. We are very proud of our extensive help system which teaches all about RSI, how to settup your workstation, and much much more. You can learn a lot.

PowerPause Features

It's Inexpensive PowerPause is free to use. If you like PowerPause we ask that you send us $10.
Lots of Exercises Your personal trainers lead you through a variety of beautifully drawn stretches. Stretches work all parts of your body and are randomized so you don't get bored.
Hypertext Learning Center We are very proud of our extensive help system which teaches all about RSI, how to settup your workstation, and much much more.
It's Automatic People get so caught up in work they forget to take a break. Your personal trainers tell you exactly what to do and when. You don't have to remember a thing, just follow along.
It Makes Sense Studies show shorter, more frequent work breaks, called microbreaks, may reduce the risk of computer related injuries.
Designed By Experts PowerPause is designed by a top ergonomist and physical therapist
No Supervision Required Just install and go. No consultants or manager's time needed.
Addresses Rising Costs Let PowerPause be a preventitive part of your corporate health plan.
It's Simple As most software becomes ever more complicated PowerPause was designed to be simple and trouble free.
It Helps Computer Users Users can take control of their own health from the convenience and privacy of their own computer.
It Helps Managers Managers can help their people help themselves very inexpensively.
It Helps Your Company PowerPause is a cost effective way of preventing computer related injuries thereby reducing Worker's Compensation claims and lost time due to injuries. Pacific Bell estimates RSI related injuries cost an average of $48,000 each.

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