A Few Useful Microsoft Excel Resources

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Microsoft Web Pages

Unofficial Excel Pages

Excel FAQ's


Some Good Books on Excel VBA

  • Excel Visual Basic for Applications, Step by Step , Reed Jacobson, Microsoft Press.
    A great hands-on tutorial for learning Excel VBA.
  • Excel 5 Visual Basic for Applications Reference, Microsoft Press.
    Includes all the Objects, Properties, and Methods, ect. from the on-line help.
  • Excel Developer's Kit, Microsoft Press.
    If you plan to creat DLL's for VB for Applications, develop cross-platform applications or context sensitive help, this is a good starting point.
  • Developing Excel 95 Solutions with Visual Basic for Applications, Eric Well, Microsoft Press
    A great reference with sample code for some of the trickier problems you may come across.

Other Tools for Creating Your Excel Application

  • WISE Installation System
    An easy to use installation utitility which builds professional looking self-extracting setup files. A handy wizard is included making it even easier.
  • Visual Help Pro
    Develop your context senitive help files quickly and easily. Also creates glossary and index help topics.