Wedding Sites in the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Bay Area

This page started from an email question asking for advice on finding wedding sites with redwoods and a stream. Not having a clue I asked the local news group for suggestions and people came through with many wonderful possibilities. The responses are collected here in case someone else may need inspiration.

  • San Mateo Garden Center
    From Jocelyn Mueller [email protected].

    I just recently got married at the San Mateo Garden Center. It is located at 605 Parkside Way in San Mateo. (at Beresford Park) The phone number is (650)-574-1506 and the contact person there is Shirley Breslin.

    The Garden Center is an absolutely beautiful place to get married. It can accomodate about 90 people. We got married in the outdoor gazebo that is surrounded by greenery and flowers and a rose garden. There is also a little pond running underneath the gazebo. Our pictures are stunning with all of the beautiful natural surroundings.

    The reception is held there as well. They have an indoor facility for your lunch/dinner/dance reception. They provide all of the tables and chairs and they set them up for you too. You do however, need to bring everything else in yourself(caterers, linens, beverages, DJ), but the experience we had there was all worth it!! I highly recommend holding a wedding here. Shirley is so friendly and accomodating and our wedding just couldn't have been any more perfect!

  • Laurel Mill Lodge
    Laurel Mill Lodge is lovely space tucked away in the mountains of Los Gatos that looks like a wonderful place for a wedding. The Laurel Mill Lodge provides scenic indoor and outdoor gathering space in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains for weddings, reunions, workshops, retreats or parties.

    Contact information:

       Esther Seehof and Bob Kundus, Proprietors
          PO Box 368
          Los Gatos, CA 95031
       Call (408) 353-5851 or E-mail
       [email protected]

  • From Douglas Turner ([email protected])

    This description sounds exactly like the Redwood grove next to LaHonda creek in the Cuesta LaHonda Guild homeowners group in LaHonda. It is located at the end of Playbowl street and is referred to as "The PlayBowl". You can drive in and take a look anytime. To use the area, ie, unlock the restrooms and have official permission, you need to call the "Cuesta" office at (415)747-0361. There is a small use fee. Hope this helps, Doug Turner

  • From [email protected] (Brad Anders)

    You might also consider Hakone (sp?) gardens, which is just on the outskirts of downtown Saratoga on Hwy. 9. They have all of the facilities necessary for weddings and even have a place indoors (tea room) in case you have poor weather.

  • From [email protected] (Tim Marvin)

    Sanborne (sp?) Park on Hwy. 9 just out of Saratoga is very nice.

  • From Micah Olsen ([email protected])

    We got married at Methuselah, one of the last ancient redwood trees left in San Mateo county. It's a beautiful and fairly unknown spot (it's rare for anyone to be there). It's also not hard to get to: it's just off of Skyline Blvd. between King's Mountain Rd. and 84, across the street from a park.

  • From [email protected] (Roger Vortman)

    My wife and I were married in Henry Cowell state park, near Felton. We just hiked around in the park until we found a nice (and accessible) spot a few weeks ahead of time. A couple of people went by while we were getting married, but since we weren't on a trail, it really didn't matter. It was a beautiful spot in the redwoods and has been a wonderful memory for many years (well, 12 years, anyway).

  • From Jennifer H. Koziel ([email protected])

    here is an excellent book called "Here Comes the Guide" which lists wedding sites, services, prices, etc for Northern California. It's updated every year. We used it to find our wedding site (Byington Winery). We also found the Mariani Vineyards in it, which had a private wedding site in a grove of redwoods next to a mountain stream. You can find the book in the Travel or Wedding sections of most bookstores for less than $20. I thought it had a good mix of popular/ well-known places and smaller, private sites like some of the ones mentioned in this thread.

  • From Brian Erickson ([email protected])

    You might check out Millpond in the SC mountains above Soquel. It is approx 1/2 hr drive from Los Gatos (no traffic). It is located off of Soquel-San Jose Rd on Olive Springs. It is a great setting on Soquel Creek. I don't have the listing, but call 411.

  • From [email protected] (CherryI)

    Well can't think of a place within 1.5 miles of Mountain View. But my husband and I were up at either Davide Bruce or Byington wineries a few weeks ago. I think it might Byington. You have to go up Bear Creek road off Hwy 17 past the Hwy 35 Skyline turnoff. There a beautiful two story English tudor looking building with the wine tasting on the first floor lobby and a reception hall on the second floor. But around the left side of the building behind theres a beautifull walkway up to the top of hill where there's a gazebo and a beautifull 360 degree view of the Santa Cruz mountains. It's really well worth the drive to check this out. It's not a grove of redwoods, but it's a beautiful rural mountain setting with fields of vineyards below.

  • From [email protected] (john haskey)

    Cathedral Grove on the Roaring Camp & Big Trees Narrow Gauge Railroad in Felton, CA. Roaring Camp will haul the wedding party to the grove in a private caboose. There are no streams or water close to the grove. 408 335-4484.

  • From [email protected] (Mark Graff)

    My wife and I were married several years ago in Memorial Park, in San Mateo County. The rustic outdoor amphitheater there has got lots of redwoods, and is right near the creek. It's also sufficiently out of the way that we were not bothered by onlookers (one bicyclist stopped to watch way in the back). This was in the middle of May. It's less than an hour from Montain View. We had about 75 people for the ceremony and everybody loved it.

  • pierce at hogranch dot com

    There's a private wedding grounds [ :) I don't know what else to call it!] above Soquel. Its called Millpond. 408-462-1866. Its off of Old Soquel-San Jose Road, probably about one hour from Mtn View. Can handle parties of 1000 if need be. They have a pond, creek, redwood groves, bbq pits, a vast lawn. Its quite the setup. A neighbor has a LLAMA cart that can be rented to 'deliver' the bride and/or groom or haul them off... :) They are wired into all the local caterers and stuff, can do anything from country-casual to fairly formal (well, as formal as you can be outdoors...) Millpond only supplies the location, you contract with the caterers etc yourself, but they had a photoalbum and lots of suggestions when we dropped by. Give them a call, stop by and check it out.

  • From Keith Meehan

    The Loma Prieta Community Foundation recently built a patio/gazebo behind the CT English Junior High. This is on Summit Road between 17 and the store. It's definitely not embedded in redwoods, but has a huge sweeping view towards the ocean. It really is one of the better view sites in the mountains. For more info, contact the LPCF Rec. Office. They should be in the book, if not, someone at CT English can give you the number.

  • [email protected] (Diane)

    As a minister, I can recommend that the natural beauty of the ocean is a wonderful backdrop for any wedding. There are many State Parks, and beach sites, that provide tables and accomodations for any size group. Formal or informal weddings are enhanced by the beauty of the natural surroundings, and sunset is always a favorite for some. Receptions can be especially fun for the guests, and the children of the guests.

  • Bruce Holloway ([email protected])

    Highlands Park in Ben Lomond. It has the house from when it was an estate, but it's a county park.

  • Dan Veditz ([email protected])

    I recently had my wedding at the Lemon Yellow Farm (also called Wafarer's Inn for some reason) at 111 Vine Hill Rd, near the end of Branciforte above Santa Cruz. Beautiful garden setting. This site is also the location of one of the Cabrillo Music Festival performances and of the Avant Garden Party that's been held the past couple of years.

  • Pema Osel Ling Weddings in the Redwoods

    Located on 102 acres of Redwoods overlooking Monterey Bay, we offer affordable weekend weddings, with sites for your ceremony, reception, accommodations, a caterer, a swimming pool and more! We are equipped to host a variety of group metings and events with incredible biking and hiking and a location near many exciting attractions.

    2160 Eureka Canyon Road
    Santa Cruz, CA 95076
    831 761 6270.
    • From Rebecca and John

      My husband and I were recently married at Pema Osel Ling retreat center. We had a weekend wedding with our entire families and on site catering. The food was slamming and the location for our ceremony was a redwood amphitheater. The staff is relaxed and fun and the rates affordable!

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