Regional History

This area has a fascinating history. A history of brave families taking risks, carving new lives in a wild wonderful place. Here are some sources I've run across. If you have more please email and they will be added here. It is a history worth remembering. If you have any new history to tell or personal tales I'd like to include them too.


Mama's Memories

Growing Up in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Just a great a book. The stories paint movies in your mind. The details make it real.

A Trip Through Time and The Santa Cruz Mountains

Another great book. Sorry all these books are good! It's filled with interesting history and stories.

A Howling Wilderness

A History of the Summit Road Area of the Santa Cruz Mountains 1850-1906

A very interesting collection of histories and stories about the Santa Cruz mountain area.

Holy City

Riker's Roadside Attraction In The Santa Cruz Mountains I drove by Holy City, or what was Holy City, many a time never realizing what a slice of history happened on the now near vacant land. If you are looking for wierd and quirky this well told tale of Holy City is for you.