Fireproof Your Forest Home

Give Yourself and Firefighters a Fighting Chance...
to protect Lives and Property if a Fire Occurs in Your Area

Can you find the house in this picture? A fire could...unless you prevent it.

Remove Small Trees and Brush
Remove dense fuels that burn rapidly. Cut small trees and brush. Leave only widely spaced, larger trees.
Prune the Branches
Remove the branches of remaining shade trees to a height of 15 to 20 feet. This will prevent ground fires from spreading to tree tops.
Pile and Burn
Remove felled trees, brush and pruned branches and stack them in small piles in openings. Burn them during the wet, rainy season. Use utmost care not to damage surrounding trees or to allow the fire to escape. Check with your local ranger for burning permit.
Build a Fire Trail
Clear a 6-foot wide trail near the outer edge of the fireproofed area to allow all burnable material from the fire trail and expose the mineral soil.


This is the house that was hidden in the trees. The owner fireproofed it by removing brush and small trees and pruning overhanging branches. The fire trail around the area will help prevent ground fire from spreading to his property, especially when it is unoccupied.

The author, Extension Forester Ed. E. Gilden, acknowledges the technical assistance of the University of California School of Forestry, California Department of Forestry and the US Forrest Service.

State of California, The Resources Agency, Department of Forestry
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